Medical emergencies (HEMS, FWAA)

Eliance has the most modern medical equipment that makes our helicopters into real aerial ICUs, which gives us a high percentage of successful rescues and medical care.

Patients transport quickly and safely in emergency situations that require urgent treatment is one of the key pieces of public health and accessible to all. Every year, thousands of citizens trust in the medicalized transfer to help provide the necessary health treatments in the shortest possible time.

Likewise, contributing to the tasks of surveillance, search and rescue derived from accidents or natural catastrophes is a fundamental service to be able to answer to critical situations. The specialized air services that we provide are a basic reinforcement of the general policies of prevention and civil protection of citizens.

Our Values


Service Vocation

Inmediate reaction to save lives in situations of emergency. Always Ready


We are aware that some of our services have a hight level of sensitivity. Our work is special and, therefore, our commitment too.


Our work is not easy, but we always propose it from the highest security principles.


Our clients, citizens and society in general, place their trust in what we do, and we correspond, offering the highest degree of reliability in our services.


We believe in constant innovation as a driver of growth and differentiation, in all areas of the Group: fleet management and monitoring, high end technology in each of our services.